What is an Album

An album of recordings

The word ‘Album’ is used to describe a coherent set of songs, formerly known as an LP or CD. But I never questioned the term itself. Apparently the real i.e. original meaning of ‘album’ is a set of recordings, like a photo album is a set of photos. It dates back to the 78-RPM era when one side of a record could only contain one song.


The Wilco Loft

The Wilco Loft (photo by Zoran Orlic, http://wilcoworld.net)

Wilco recording in their Wilco Loft in Februari 2011. Since 2000 they rent a whole floor of a Chicago loft. It is jam-packed with guitars, keyboards, etc. etc. More info and pics here and here.

The Wilco home page is currently streaming their recent concert at 013, Tilburg, The Netherlands: http://wilcoworld.net/#!/video-live-in-tilburg-nl/ (013 being the area code of Tilburg, the area code of Amersfoort is 033 in case you were wondering).