Studer J37 Four Track Tape Recorder

In 1964 the Studer J37 four track tape recorder went into production and became one of the first 4-channel studio-quality tape recorders on the market. Several mid-1960s Beatle recordings were made using this machine.

Studer J37 four track tape recorder

Having only four tracks did not limit their recordings; by using a multi-channel mixer several parts could be recorded to one channel. This however meant that processing (like compression and equalisation) would have to be applied during recording, as the tracks could not be separated once recorded. Also, before the recording commenced, a thorough sound check was required to be sure the correct volume levels were archived.

EMI Main Console (technical info). This kind of console was also used for the two track recorder.

The main console was designed and built by EMI. It essentially contained two 5-channel mixers, a valve equalisation section and effects sends. This allowed for multiple channels to be sent to one track of the Studer, with equalisation and other effects added on the way in. At present Mark Knopfler and Lenny Kravitz own such a console.

Beatle albums made using the Studer J37 four track recorder:
- Help! (1965)
- Rubber Soul (1965)
- Revolver (1966)
- Sgt. Pepper (1967)
- The Beatles (1968) (in part)

(NB Also a Telefunken 4-track recorder was used).


  1. Beste, ik bezit zo'n tape-band, die enkel door dergelijke machine kan afgespeeld worden, was van Marco Henrico, en zou graag weten, wat er op staat.
    Groetjes Henri

  2. Ever seen one of these EMI Tube Mixers, could be a custom built ?


  3. I must inform you that Studer J37 was not the first 4-track studio quality.
    Telefunken made 4 track 1 inch machines (The T9U and the M10) in the fifties.

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